32 responses to “UPCOMING EVENTS

  1. This is a wonderful initiative to create a hub of knowledge for Dhakaites to experience Dhaka cultural life! All the best to the blog creators and I’ll be tuning in often!

  2. Sirs,
    A valiant initiative! I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Nice initiative 🙂 …Good to know about the happenings in the city 🙂

  4. very nice !!!

  5. Aminul Islam Sujon

    This is great initiative as the sense of people eagerly need this information to be refresh themselves and can chose events which one they like…wish you all those who take this initiatives…thanks

  6. We need more websites like this that can promote events in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Access to this event list really helps.

  7. What a great idea – glad i have found it!!! Thanks whoever is behind it!

  8. Great website. Keep it up:)

  9. well done, scope for improvements too-

  10. Great idea

  11. ruhul talukder

    super nice site, like it, keep it up

  12. Mostofa Zaman Jony

    Its helpul,wish you a long journey,Keep it up

  13. Very good initiative! Best of luck…

  14. best website i have been using it for a few years, ggood to know what is happening where

  15. sabreen rahman

    Pls check out EMK Center’s FB page for June 16 exhibtion “Symphony of Needlework” presented by Bibiana. Open to all from June 17-25.

  16. rupanti biswas

    its great initiative…

  17. thanks for your initiative.

  18. Thanks to dhakahappenings

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